How To Hen On A Budget

January 19, 2020 | Tags: , ,

The Hen Do… the last celebration of unmarried life before you begin an exciting new chapter.

What better time to go out with a bang!? So many options, ideas and events taking place can make the price escalate rather quickly however, so let’s make it so that ‘bang’ doesn’t need to break the bank.

Time to tame the price and unleash the fun!

Sleepover Club

We love this idea here at TWC – Get the Prosecco and pizza in and have a girls night to the max!

Decorate your home based celebrations with balloons, hanging pictures of you and your ladies, and even create a photo corner! This can be done really easily and inexpensively too, but adds to the picture fun and memories.

Why not have a doughnut wall, too? Maybe a flower wall? Or, even a tinsel wall that matches the colour theme of the decor?

We think that’s the aesthetics coved, so lets get down to the wedding games!

Test how well your pals know you and your future boo by playing ‘Who’s More Likely?’. This is one destined for lots of laughter and story telling! Don’t worry, we’ve already got one made perfect for you, all you have to do is print it out and get playing!

Another way to keep the fun going is a classic, and we’ve all played it at some point… ‘Never Have I Ever’ – all we can say is … get ready to hear some shocking truths…

Oh, and don’t forget about the pampering. Can you even spell sleepover without face mask? The answer is no, so, get those cucumber slices, fancy face masks and comfy pyjamas at the ready! 

Other classic sleepover go-to’s are cheesy romance films and making up dramatic dance routines to your favourite nostalgic songs. Side note – all hens will leave the do feeling 10 years younger.

Local Night Out 

Now this one makes for some fabulous memories. Think about it, cheap taxis back and fourth, the very BEST cheesy chips after your night out, and, great tunes to dance the night away.

Plus, keeping it local is a great idea if you’re the type of group that find it hard to arrange plans, people are more likely to make it because it’s near and not too far to travel back from (especially if they have a 9-5 job calling their name in the morning).

If you’re looking to start the night a little earlier, try a bar crawl beforehand, but be sure to wear your ‘Bride’ sash because free drinks could be on the cards! Or, hold a pre-event at your place and play fun wedding games like ‘who can can make the best cocktail!’

A Fun Class/ Activity Together 

You can have so much fun with this depending on numbers of your hen do crew. Why not consider a consider a cooking class together? It sounds a little random, but can be so much fun. You can all laugh at what goes wrong, see who would be the worst Bake Off contestant and which hen is the real Masterchef.

If you’re feeling something a bit more energetic, how about a dance class? A great way to learn a few moves and have a lot of laughs. Who knows you might find out you’re actually a pro at it! Plus it would make for an unforgettable hen do as it’s so out of the ordinary – get you for being trendy!

Why not carry on dancing after your class by hitting up a local bar/ club after and showing off what you’ve learnt!

If you’re in a more adventurous spirit and don’t want to be cooped up inside then take the party to the outdoors! Did somebody say paint balling? Two teams and a whole heap of exercise!

Feeling something a little less strenuous? A lovely dinner always hits the spot and allows for great conversation to break the ice between hens before the big day if they aren’t yet aquainted!

TWC’s Thoughts 

As long as you’re having fun and you’re in great company it doesn’t matter what you do.

Remember the golden rule: Avoid stressing about whether everybody else is having a good time, just make sure that you are! You only get one hen.

So, whether it’s a chilled night in or a big night out, it’s time to make some fabulous memories and gigantic giggles that will last a life time.


All images taken from Unsplash