Wedding Superstitions… Special or Stale?

December 4, 2019 | Tags:

Superstitions, they’re everywhere. Whether it’s refusing to walk over three consecutive drains, saluting magpies or avoiding having to walk under ladders, it seems that they are unavoidable.

To add the cherry on top of the wedding cake, there’s a whole heap of superstitions in place for the big day, too. Whoever came up with these clearly forgot how stressful wedding planning can be! 

It’s up to you whether you keep these top three superstitions (one or two are kinda cute) or dare to ditch!



Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue 

Now this one is a sentimental favourite and a superstition that is perfectly fine to keep. It’s sweet symbolic roots are supposed to ensure that your marriage is everlasting and filled with nothing but pure love.

Lets start with something old. This can be something passed down through generations like jewellery or clothing e.g. a veil, but remember, it doesn’t have to be something you can wear. It’s personal, so feel free to hold up that family tradition in any way shape or form it comes in!

Secondly, we have something new. Most obviously this will be your wedding gown which should be completely unique to you and embody your character and soul within! So don’t be scared to go all out, break traditional wedding gown looks if you want to… besides, rules are there to be broken!

Third in the queue we have something borrowed. Again, another sentimental number that can be from close family or friends. This could be anything from a cute accessory like a bracelet, to something small, inexpensive but meaningful like borrowing the scent of someones perfume, a nail polish colour or even makeup! A great way to feel close the person you’ve borrowed from.

Finally we have something blue. This could be something like a subtle blue hair accessory or a blue pendant necklace. If you really want your ‘something blue’ to stand out, why not incorporate it with your bouquet or candles on the dinner table!

Feeling tempted to keep this superstition? 


Not seeing each other before the ceremony 

Now this one just adds to the anticipation and suspense for the big day. Wondering what you’ll both look like…what it’ll be like when you say your vows… just wanting to hear each others voices one last time. All of these thoughts passing through your mind. The first thing you’ll most likely long for is seeing your one and only!

So TWC say… don’t deprive yourself of it! Seeing each other could help calm last minute nerves. Or, it could just be a special moment for you and your boo to share before you’re both in front of all your guests. 

On the other hand… it can add to the wedding fun! It be can be a tease, you’ll be all the more excited when you finally see each other walking down the aisle. You’ll remember the way you looked at each other when your eyes locked with one another and the feeling of overwhelming excitement that gushes over you!

Our verdict: There is no right or wrong way to approach this superstition. It’s cute to uphold or not uphold, it just depends how you picture that special moment when you and your future partner see each other for the first time. So, don’t feel compelled to do either or! 

Tossing the Bouquet

We all know this one, the lucky lady to catch the bouquet is next to get married. It’s a fun way to create a bit of laughter at the end of the celebrations and make that one person feel special. However, could this do more damage than good?

The pressure this could put on couples, especially if they’ve not been together long, can create a sense of awkwardness because everybody knows they’re unlikely to get married anytime soon. Especially if it wasn’t on their partners agenda but now it’s the only thing the bouquet catcher can think about!

Plus, if one of your single friends catches it can make them feel singled out for … well … being single! Thus, making them feel a little embarrassed or shy when the attention is focused on them because they have no one that’ll propose. 

There are so many other activities that can replace this tradition that will be including of everyone and definitely wont create any awkwardness! Why not check out our ‘Wedding Fun’ blogs if you’re out of inspiration for games to keep guests entertained?! 



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