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If you want to keep up to date in the world of what’s trending in Bridal Fashion then look no further, we present to you the go-to guide to what is hot right now…

Starting Us Off – Sleeves That Slay  

A statement sleeve is always going to score high with us, we love the drama that it provides for every movement and the stylish edge that it can give to any silhouette.

Harmur ‘Party Bride’ Collection

Jessica Choay

To The Tips of Your Toes – Pearls

We are sparkling from head to toe this season, and Freya Rose London are our dance floor go-to.

These gorgeous pearly heels are the perfect touch of luxury to every wedding day. They come in such a variety of styles that the only problem is choosing your fave pair!

Topping Off Our Trends – With A Bow!

Bows forever! We are always going to have space for a seasonal bow.

No matter the look you’re going for on your big day, they really are the ultimate finishing touch.

Versatility reins here as we can see in size and placement of the classic bow, the only decision left to make is how many!

Harmur ‘Party Bride’ Collection

Jessica Choay

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