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We know that the body positivity landscape is stacked against us as we write this post, but we’re just going to come out and say it anyway: we can’t see anything wrong in wanting to feel confident in your body, looking your best and feeling like the dress fits you perfectly on your wedding day. And if, for you, that means trying to shift those last, stubborn few pounds before the big day then so be it.

To be honest, weight loss is usually a side effect of doing any kind of cleanse anyway – whether that be a juice cleanse, intermittent fasting, or even just upping your fluid intake, as it allows the body to carry excess waste from the body via various different pathways. 

So let’s have a look at what actually happens when we juice cleanse: More Energy 40% of your body’s energy production goes towards adequately digesting your food. That is a hell of a lot! Leading up to the big day you’ll need all of the energy reserves you can get and by keeping your calorie and food intake low, vital processes like autophagy (essentially where the body goes round cleaning up damaged cells) can switch on.

Presscription uses only the highest quality vegetables and fruit to make their cold-pressed juices, and always at a ratio of 70% vegetables to 30% fruit so you can be sure that you’re taking on a hefty dose of vitamins and minerals as they would naturally occur in nature (i.e. not from a supplement).  

A juice cleanse is also an amazing way to hydrate the body as it contains minerals and electrolytes to aid adequate hydration, the benefits of which are far reaching: weight loss, smoother looking skin, less bloating, more energy, better detoxification.

Also, let’s get real, despite all the good work you’ve inevitably put in in the run up to the wedding, there’s always a few too many glasses of champagne to be had once you’ve officially tied the knot, so making sure you’re hydrated pre and post party is an absolute must!

All of the Presscription Juice cleanses can be delivered nationwide and come with a handy guide book with tips for pre and post cleanse protocols.

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